LLDPE Case, Pastic Box, Dry Ice Case - Youte
LLDPE Case, Pastic Box, Dry Ice Case - Youte

China Solid Foam Filled Fender Manufacturer - Leading Supplier and Exporter

Cixi Youte Plastic Container Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer and supplier of solid foam filled fenders in China. Our solid foam filled fenders are an ideal solution for the protection of boats, ships, and docks from impacts and collisions. Made from high-quality materials, our fenders are designed to withstand harsh marine environments and offer long-lasting protection.

Our solid foam filled fenders feature a high-energy absorption capability and low reaction force, ensuring maximum safety for boats and ships during docking and mooring operations. They are also resistant to UV radiation, saltwater, and harsh weather conditions, making them suitable for use in any marine environment.

At Cixi Youte Plastic Container Co., Ltd, we are committed to offering high-quality solid foam filled fenders at competitive prices. We have a state-of-the-art factory and a team of experienced professionals who use the latest technology to manufacture our products. Contact us today to learn more about our solid foam filled fenders and how they can benefit your business.

Customized rotational molding special design buoy mark and barrier floater

Looking for a customized buoy mark or barrier floater for your marine project? Look no further than our specialized rotational molding factory. With bespoke designs to suit your needs, we guarantee quality and performance every time. Contact us today to learn more.

YT483419 Small rugged box,easy carry,light weight,dust proof water proof

Looking for a small, rugged box that's easy to carry, lightweight, dust proof and water proof? Look no further than our YT483419 product! As a factory, we can ensure high-quality and competitive pricing for all your needs. Order now and experience the durability and convenience of this must-have product!

800L large rugged tool box dust proof water proof with UV-protection

Looking for a durable, weather-resistant toolbox that can handle any job site? Check out our 800L large rugged toolbox, complete with dust-proofing, water-proofing, and UV-protection. As a factory-direct supplier, we offer top-quality products at competitive prices.

Heavy duty large capacity LLDPE durable logistic Rotomolded insulated Dry Ice cooler box

As a factory, we produce heavyweight insulated dry ice cooler boxes that are durable, large-capacity, and made from LLDPE material. Our rotomolded coolers have advanced features, making them a perfect fit for your logistics needs.

95L rotational molding heavy duty plastic tool boxes Overland Rugged Box

As a factory, we manufacture top-quality 95L rotational molding heavy duty plastic tool boxes, known as Overland Rugged Box. Our boxes are durable, reliable and ideal for heavy use. Shop with us today.

Barn Owl nestbox made of rugged molded plastic for backyard

Looking for the perfect Barn Owl nestbox for your backyard? Look no further than our rugged molded plastic option! As a factory, we only provide the highest quality products.

Rotational molding Military tool case OEM and ODM suppport LLDPE material Aluimum mold

Looking for a rugged and reliable military tool case? Look no further than our rotational-molded cases. Made from LLDPE material with aluminum molds, our cases are built to last. And as a factory, we can offer you OEM and ODM support for any customization needs you have.

35L rotomolding rugged box easy carry dust proof water proof and UV-protection

Get {35L Rotomolding Rugged Box} from our factory. Easy carry, dust proof, water proof, and UV-protection features make it perfect for outdoor adventures!


75QT rotomolded fishing chilling box catering industry outdoor activities.

Looking for a top-quality rotomolded fishing chilling box? Our factory has got you covered! Perfect for outdoor activities and catering industry needs. Available in 75QT size.


Rotomolding heavy duty tool box tool trolley with 7 drawers, with hand tool set optional

Get organized with our heavy-duty tool box and trolley, complete with 7 drawers. Optional hand tool set available. We're a factory committed to quality.


YT252110 Small rugged box,easy carry,light weight,dust proof water proof

Looking for a small and rugged box that can withstand harsh conditions? Check out our YT252110 product! It's easy to carry, lightweight, and both dustproof and waterproof. As a factory, we prioritize quality and durability in all of our products.

Heavy Duty Plastic Tool Boxes rotomolding hard plastic LLDPE case

Looking for a heavy-duty plastic tool box that's built to last? Our rotomolded LLDPE cases are just what you need. As a factory-direct supplier, we offer high-quality products at competitive prices. Shop now and get your tools organized with ease!

  • China Solid Foam Filled Fender Manufacturer for High-Quality Marine Safety
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If you are looking for superior fender protection for your dock or vessel, you should consider the China solid foam filled fender. This high-quality product is made from top-notch materials which make it durable, weather-resistant, and effective at protecting vessels from damage. The foam core ensures that the fender is lightweight, making installation a breeze. Furthermore, the China solid foam filled fender is versatile and can be used on various types of vessels, including commercial vessels and yachts. The product is designed with a cylindrical shape that provides all-around protection from collision or heavy impact. The fender is also available in different sizes to suit your needs and comes in a variety of colors that can add a touch of style to your vessel. One standout feature of the China solid foam filled fender is its resistance to puncture or tearing, ensuring that it can operate for a long time without needing to be replaced. The foam filling also ensures that if any accidental damage does happen, the fender will not sink to the bottom of the water, which can help to prevent environmental pollution. Overall, the China solid foam filled fender is an excellent investment for anyone looking to protect their vessels and dock from damage. It is well built and effective, making it a great choice for anyone seeking safe and reliable fender protection.

The China Solid Foam Filled Fender is an excellent product for all boating enthusiasts. This fender is made with high-quality materials that ensure optimum protection for your boat when it is docked. As a foam-filled fender, it is extremely durable and long-lasting. The solid design eliminates the need for inflation and reduces the risk of punctures or leaks. It is effortless to install and is suitable for use in all types of weather conditions. This fender effectively absorbs the impact of collisions and prevents damage to both your boat and the dock. If you're looking for a reliable and robust fender that provides excellent protection for your boat, the China Solid Foam Filled Fender is your ideal choice.

Mr. Cao ShengNan

The China Solid Foam Filled Fender is an excellent product that exceeded my expectations! Not only is it a great value for the price, but the quality is fantastic. The foam fill ensures that it won't deflate or lose shape, and it provides superior protection for boats and docks. The fender is also very easy to install and adjust to fit any size boat. Overall, I highly recommend this product for anyone in need of durable and dependable fenders for their watercraft.


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